The Jim Jones Revue at Whelan’s (photos & review)

The Jim Jones RevueOn Thursday night, Whelan’s hosted The Jim Jones Revue in their main venue.

Founded in 2007 in London by Jim Jones and guitarist Rupert Orton, The Jin Jones Revue launched their debut self-titled album in 2008. Burning Your House Down, their second studio album was released in 2010. Another two years passed until their third and most recent album, The Savage Heart, released last year.

Whelan’s was absolutely packed last night. Moving in front of the stage to get the shots below was a real challenge as the fans were almost climbing the stage. From the second the band stepped on the stage to the very last song, Jim Jones jumped, screamed, played his guitar on his knees and infected the audience with his energy. The loud old-school punk rock blues sounded as good as ever and the the audience just couldn’t get enough of it. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a show with two encores. When the band first left the stage it was clear that they still had a few good tunes to offer, but after the first encore they couldn’t say ‘no’ to a crowd that was screaming for more, so they came back again.


Lucy Ivan

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