The Journals Irish band of the Week

The Journals Irish Band of the Week

The Journals Irish Band of the Week

We first covered this week’s Irish Band of the Week in early 2014 when we reviewed their debut EP. But since then, The Journals have gone away and come back a stronger group than ever. The self-titled EP was a 5 track rollercoaster of emotions that maybe just needed a small bit of work. This time they have scrubbed it with a brillo pad and wiped it down to reveal the silver underneath.

This time, with a double single, the boys have hit home with a much more mature sound, with solid influences sparking memories all over. Of the two tracks on offer, Habits & Recreations is an absolute belter of a song. A real closer at the end of a wild gig of that there is no doubt the Dublin lads do offer. Following that is Mannequins, which has an enticing opening and some beautiful lyrics that carry the song to its strong closing finale.

Do check out the double single above, but be warned you will want to hear more and more of this talented lot. Keep your eye on their Facebook page for new info on upcoming gigs and music.

By Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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