The Klares’ New Single ‘Sparks Alone’

Irish Band Of The Week - The Klares

The Klares' New Single 'Sparks Alone'

Young Dublin four-piece The Klares may be a few months off finishing school, but they’ve got a work ethic that would put many of their elders to shame, having already released two EPs, Dirty Birds and Cookoo, in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Now in 2016, they’ve returned with their new single, ‘Sparks Alone’, scheduled for release on Friday 8 April.

Together since 2011, the quartet have grown up as The Klares, honing their live performances and developing a knack for crafting memorable indie-rock hooks. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, the group exhibit the same kind of reckless, youthful approach to song-writing found on albums like Definitely Maybe and Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

Unfazed by the hype surrounding their precocious emergence on the Irish music scene, the young Dubliners have steadily separated from their influences, pushing toward their own original sound. ‘Sparks Alone’ marks the latest step in their artistic development, a band growing more refined, without losing any of the youthful exuberance that distinguished their prior releases. From the swaggering lead guitar, to the infectious bassline, the track is an earworm centred around an anthemic chorus, where the strong lead vocal stands out against a fuzzy sonic backdrop. A rousing group vocal defines the middle eight of the song, which is just built for a live setting.

Ahead of this single release, The Klares have also been chosen of one the acts to perform at Hard Rock Rising’s Rock Local/Win Global showcase in Dublin on 1 June.


Shane Croghan

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