The Kooks at The Olympia Theatre – Review & Photos

The Kooks, The Olympia Theatre, Review & Photos

The Kooks, The Olympia Theatre, Review & Photos

The lustrous theatre buzzes with gig-goers. Youths bop in the standing area and the vibes soar high. When the lights finally fall and The Kooks amble on, the excitement erupts under flashing red lights. ‘Around Town’ opens the concert and sets out the night’s lively direction. The rejoicing sound booms and Pritchard’s vocals dazzle – just as they have done for years.

The set-list is a total pleaser. Golden oldies such as ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’ jolt us. There are smiles all round as we cry out the lyrics to this 2006 classic. Their newer material really gives way to the evening’s dominant dance-evoking and funky feel. Tunes like ‘Around Town’ and ‘Forgive & Forget’ share a common liveliness that uplifts us. Shakers and tambourines reflect the fun vibe of The Kooks. This indie rock group have burst into our lives, pumping revelry and energy through our blood. Divine riffs and their mastered sound reign supreme. Matched with the impressive flashing visual projections onto amps, this gig never dips to anything less than intoxicating and gripping.

Pritchard maintains a considerable level of audience interaction – connecting with those way high up as well as pointing to several individuals in the audience. This simple attribute highlights the presence of every fan here. It seems to pay attention to our existence and makes us feel so very alive in the moment.

The encore is as satisfactory as possible, embellished with a mixture of top class songs. ‘See Me Now’ brings down the mood to a tenderness. This ballad feels classic. Almost in a Beatles kind in a way, it exudes a powerfulness in its simplicity and sentimentality. It doesn’t require elaborate instrumental and additions because it is a heart-felt piece that, in just its lamenting message, stands alone as wonderful.

Of course it is not on this  delicate note that we are left. The Kooks sum up the evening the way that they have predominantly executed it.  ‘Junk Of The Heart’ and ‘Naive’ finish off. This, like the whole evening, comes as a staggering reminder of just how gifted this band are. Their addictive music captivates the soul under a merry spell. This occasion has been an absolute pleasure for all. Looking around I see embracing friends and individuals ecstatically throwing their arms around to the beat. Most significantly there are hundreds of smiles in sight. The audience gratefully beam at the band who have given them this memorable night worth every single cent.

Photos by Tudor Marian
Review by Shannon Welby


Tudor Marian

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