The Mighty Stef at Whelan’s – Review & Photos

the-mighty-stef-whelans-30The Mighty Stef ended mini-residency in Whelan’s with the third show of the series last Thursday, December 5th.

The Dublin four piece played three intimate gigs Upstairs at Whelan’s on November 7th, 21st and December 5th. We can’t speak for the first two gigs, but if what happened last Thursday is in any way similar to how the previous shows were, then it means they were amazing.

The Mighty Stef blew the roof off with their infectious tunes. The floor was shaking and the microphones were barely standing from all the jumping. The little venue was packed-full, hot and dark, and the band were in top shape. They seemed to genuinely enjoy their time on stage, sweating,  jumping and having a good time.

A couple of months ago The Mighty Stef released a four-track EP titled Iveagh Flats. “Vampire, Hold Me Tight”, one of the four tracks probably had the best reception, in spite of it being a relatively new tune.

The show was just brilliant. The lads proved, if anyone needed any more proof, that they’re talented, that their style is complex and that they know how to put on a great show. In a video interview we did with them about a month ago they said they’d give their fans the best night out. That was not an overconfident statement.

If you get a chance to see them live, don’t miss it!

Check out some of their tunes on Soundcloud and stay updated with everything they’re up to on Facebook.

Photos by Tudor Marian



Lucy Ivan

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