The Minutes at The Odessa Club – Review

The Minutes Odessa Review

The Minutes Odessa Review

There’s a quaint little chat going on here. Three musicians and a journo bantering through the perils, pains and prizes of the music industry. Insightful and entertaining as  Stuart Clarke, deputy editor of Hot Press, questions The Minutes in the plush surroundings of the  Odessa Club. The q and a is part of celebrations for Odessa’s 10th birthday. The Minutes, legendary rock’n’roll Dubliners, provide ample colour and craic for their intimate audience candidly discussing their second album ‘Live Well Change Often’. It  comes after a three year gap, during which babies were born, swamps of bullshit were endured and eventually an album was made.

Stuart Clarke’s gentle prompting proves the catalyst unleashing The Minutes narrative on groin tweaking, falling over on stage, fangirl frolics with Queens Of The Stone Age and a secret desire to go Limerick drinking with Dolores O’ Riordan. Mark, Tom and Shane don’t hold back with their views on the business of the music business, mixed feelings on their last producer Garth Richardson and keeping the faith. They’re proof that there’s no such thing as an overnight success, just hard work, talent and perseverance.

Opening their set with ‘Hold Your Hand’ their Thin Lizzy and T Rex, slightly glam rock influences are evident. This over sized lounge practically combusting when the sonics kick in. Powering through the high voltage hits with raucous riffs, powerhouse drums and tornado vocals lashing it out. Within two minutes (no pun intended) they’re prowling the room, Mark gloriously ripping out chords defiantly standing on the tables. ‘Seven Seas’ and the outstanding ‘Supernatural’ are feeding the energy. A slightly self indulgent and extended ‘Guilt Quilt’ from their first album ‘Marcata’ is much appreciated.

Over delivering what they promised, The Minutes gave a radioactive riot of a show. The Odessa Club proving its versatility as a venue to see it sail through the next ten years. It’s not just for culture vultures, mind you I’m looking forward to the next one on December 14th  with Nick Kelly, Rob Doyle and Tony Clayton Lea.

Review by Ciara Sheahan


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