The Needables at Whelan’s (review & photos)

the-needables-whelans-1The Needables took to the stage at Whelan’s intimate upstairs venue to launch their new single “Bringing It Home” from their debut album, on April 10th.

The Needables are Beat & Floyd Needable, both former fishermen and previous members of a cartoon themed barbershop quintet. Tonight, they come to the Whelan’s stage to debut their new single and have ditched their barbershop ways and boats for some Americana, an amalgamation of various American roots music style. Taking to the stage with 2 guitars; one guitar bearing a sizeable hole in it’s body, 5 harmonicas and a boundless sense of enthusiasm, The Needables take little time in breaking into banter. Celebrating that they’ve broken even for the night, they launch into their first song and it quickly becomes clear that this duo deserve that and more.

Their setlist screams country and you can’t help from joining in in the toe tapping, hand clapping and head shaking madness. Even with banterful heckling ex-band members in the audience, The Needables are completely at home on stage, not a hint of nerves even when debuting their new single. Just when starting to question the absence of slide guitar in their Americana style tracks, The Needables break into “Jesus, Don’t Climb That Mountain” and showcase their mastering of the Americana style. Their voices work brilliantly together, each with a distinctive Americana twang but neither ever dominating the other. These two gents were made to sing together and they do so in such a flawlessly harmonious way.

Their new single is a set highlight and it’s evident that the duo have pinned down their style and excel at it. They are an act not to be missed at the upcoming Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival and their new single comes highly recommended.

The Needables brand new single “Bringing It Home” is available to download for free for one week and one week only, on their website.

Review and photos by Laur Ryan


Lucy Ivan

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