The New Emperors – Irish Band of the Week



Formed in 2009, this Dublin 4 piece have hit the headlines in the past year by being crowned the winners of the Budweiser Future Sounds Competition. The New Emperors are this week’s, Irish Band of the Week.

Having begun musical life together under a different name (Morgan La Faye) the lads decided to change the band name in 2013 and give it all a fresh start.

Self-professed indie rockers, I find their sound more expanding and exploratory than that generic label. The absolutely massive vocal performances will leave any YouTube cover “creator” scratching their heads. Now looking for that BIG break they are due to release their debut EP under the new moniker.

Opening their EP tour in the quaint Workman’s Club in Dublin, it’s set to be an electrifying night and only for the price of a couple of 7Up’s, and that includes a limited edition copy of the new EP.

Working with producer Rob Kirwan (U2, Depeche Mode, Bell X1) they are certainly in great hands for hitting the big time. Kirwan has a way of getting the most out of the bands he works with and TNE are certainly a hard working bunch looking to perfect their craft.

Check out The New Emperors on Facebook and Sondcloud!

By Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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