The Stoney Brokes’ ‘Something Irrelevant’ – Review


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the-stoney-brokes-something-irrelevantTallaght fivesome The Stoney Brokes have released their debut album “Something Irrelevant”. The album has a blend of a diverse set of genres, from pop to swing to garage rock to blues (and so on), whether or not this fuse works or not is up to the individual. Title track has moments of excellence and moments where it misses the marks slightly, which is fitting since that’s kind of how the whole album feels. That being said the moments where they get it right are truly enjoyable and show the real potential of the band.

Lead singer, Amy Kelly’s voice is undeniably beautiful, and suits songs like ‘Robbinhood’. The slightly slower tempo of this song shows the real talent, rather than some of the more piercing and almost aggressive sound in other songs. “Make Me New” is a stand out song that is moving and is probably one of the best indications of Kelly’s vocal abilities. Musically, the whole album is enjoyable, and really it is particularly the guitar that stand out; the vocals are also impressive, however sometimes they clash a bit and don’t really fit with the instruments.

The band has potential, it’s a cool idea – to take something a bit old-school and try put a bit of a modern twist on it, or at least try and get a modern audience to listen to it. The more you get into the album, and get into the sound, the more listenable it is. Something just doesn’t work at times, it’s trying a little too hard to be a bit of everything, but this could also be a selling point for some people – the blend of so many different influences could also be what some people will love about this band. However, in many ways it makes it seem as though the band have not made up their mind, they’re trying a bit of everything, and it’s impossible for ‘everything’ to work, and at times it sounds quite dated. Unfortunately it seems that “Something Irrelevant” may be just that.

Review by Orla Conway


Lucy Ivan

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