The Scenes EP ‘Alone’ – Review


South-East Rock group The Scenes are all set to release the highly anticipated Alone EP this Friday 13th (ooh!) September.

The EP kicks off with the forthcoming single ‘Alone’, which was shortlisted in the International Songwriting Competition being one of two European entries to reach the final 15. ‘Alone’ is a slow paced rock song dripping in melancholy but does not lose its appeal to the listener. The song is structurally perfect which makes it easy to see how it got so far with the prestigious judges of the aforementioned competition. It’s only when you listen to the rest of the EP you feel the significance of this track.

The one thing that stays throughout the whole EP is the sincerity of the vocals which continues in the fast paced ‘Fish Out of Water’, a ‘real’ rock song if you will. The band describe themselves as ‘creating a bold new sound’ which I would have to disagree with. For me they are resurrecting a sound that has been too easily forgotten and they have nailed it. The punk undertones of ‘Panic Avenue’ stand proud but with a post-grunge kick a la ‘Monkey Wrench’ by the Foo Fighters.  Closing the collection is ‘Saints and Satellites’, a more modern rock song that will appeal to today’s younger new rock generation, a song that borders on the pop punk genre without losing any of its credibility.

The progression is evident through the 4 tracks on the EP, getting considerably quicker and heavier with each passing song. The Scenes are the real thing; they are a real rock band. I for one thought this style had dried up but The Scenes have certainly whet my appetite.

Listen to the EP on Breaking Tunes or just hit play below.

Review by Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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