The Sydney Garrison – ‘Why Wait’ single review

The Sydney Garrison Why Wait Review

The Sydney Garrison Why Wait Review

The Sydney Garrison are no strangers to the Irish music scene, in fact, they’re comprise of half of former Dublin-based band, Jalopy. Cian and Emmet first met while in Art College in Limerick city. There they formed the group Gollum which brought them not only weekly gigs in the city but took them on a European adventure through The Netherlands, Belgium and France. After college, they created well-known gig favourites, Jalopy, renowned for their regular pulsating live shows in venues like Whelan’s and The Temple Bar Music Centre. However, the boys went their separate ways for a short while and began travelling the globe, during which time they claim that “on separate occasions, during their travels, in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico, both had chance and profound encounters with the mysterious story of Sir Thomas Sydney and his debauched Garrison. In 2012 our adventurers found themselves back on the old sod and more ready than ever to forge some melodic artistry out of their shared and individual experiences”. Bringing their experiences from Jalopy and their travels with them, Cian from Kildare and Emmet from Dublin formed The Sydney Garrison and immediately began writing in 2012, drawing on influences such as Nick Cave, Elbow and The Super Furry Animals, elements of all can be found on the music of The Sydney Garrison, offering this top-tapping, country-rock sound that’s sometimes so overlooked on the Irish music scene.

In the run-up to the release of their debut album, Love Is Not Enough, in the summer, the duo have given us quite the little taster with ‘Why Wait’. It’s quite a tasty track, with a sort of mellow indie rock feel to it; and the vocals are just divine, the sort of voice that just envelopes you from the onset. It’s a foot-tapping anthem, with a great chorus- it’s the sort of track that simultaneously knows how to appeal to your ears and your heart.

The album Love is Not Enough, which will be released this summer, is an eclectic selection of songs. It boasts an impressive list of contributors, including Robin Ball on drums, and Dermot Lally on double bass, and was masterfully produced in Art House Studio by Hally who has worked with musical greats like John Leckie, Nick Seymore and John Cale. Richard Dowling from WAV in Limerick (Foo Fighters, Grove Armada and Declan O’Rourke) mastered the album.

Only being fortunate enough to listen to this one track, I’m interested to see what the album as a whole has to offer, hopefully it will be an evolvement on this skilfully composed and undeniably charming single.

Review by Elaine McDonald


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