The Twang at The Academy (review & photos)

the-twang-academy-14The Twang took to the stage at The Academy 2 on April 6th. Making the most of a relatively tiny stage, Phil Etheridge & co unleashed an unstoppable energy from the offset. Martin Saunders & Etheridge share centre stage but ultimately never stay still for the entirety of the set despite the cramped space. During “Barney Rubble” the atmosphere became electric, with fans begging afterwards for them to play it again.

The Twang draw in a much older crowd than most bands that hit the Academy 2. However, The Twang’s setlist ensured the crowd held back any inhibitions and they lacked all the restraint of a mature audience during The Twang classics, while also eagerly chanting along with new tracks from the latest album “10:20”. The indie rock band formed in 2001, prove that they really haven’t lost it and their exuberance and energy is creditable.

The Twang can be seen next in the UK on a co-headline tour with Cast.

Review and photos by Laur Ryan


Lucy Ivan

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