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the-vincents-interviewTonight in The Workman’s Club, Cork grunge rockers The Vincent(s) kick off their ‘Fever Dreams’ tour supporting Californian 3 piece Crystal Antlers. They release their brand new double A-side single ‘Throne Song/Fever Dreams’ through Fifa Records on 14th March.

Dublin Concerts’ Leon Byrne caught up with their bass player Marcus to talk about the upcoming single and where they got their influences.

What two bands/acts are you currently listening to?

Amen Dunes and Psychic Ills all the way. Both are amazing at the moment.

After listening to the ‘Valley of the Sun’ EP and ‘Asked her to the Dance’ it’s fair to say that you guys have that dirty, sleazy, grungy sound going on, which is great. I think the closest band you resemble is Stone Temple Pilots. The vocals on ‘Who’s that Boy?’ and ‘Milk & Tea’ have Scott Weiland written all over them (in a good way). Do you think that’s a fair assumption? If you were to pick the perfect band to have played in ever, who would it be and why?

We were never going for a grunge sound to be perfectly honest. It’s something we all listened to growing up, but we weren’t consciously trying to write grungy music, it’s just one facet to our sound. Everyone hears something different, whether it be grunge, psychedelic rock or even pop music. The perfect band would have to be The Velvet Underground. They were the coolest… plus they made probably the best rock music of all time.

There is plenty of brass, a saxophone I think, on songs like ‘Valley of the Sun’. I think it really adds depth to the track. Where did this idea come from?

It happened kind of naturally rally. We were all jamming away and it just seemed to work.

The ‘Fever Dreams’ tour of Ireland and the UK starts on Friday night supporting Californian 3 piece Crystal Antlers in The Workman’s Club. Do you know much about their music? What do you you think of getting the opportunity to support them in Dublin?

Jonathan, our guitarist, is a fan. They are a really great band and it’s a huge opportunity for us to support a band with such a loyal following.

On the tour I see you’re playing the likes of Dolan’s in Limerick and a hometown gig in The Pavillion, Cork. Do you have a particular venue in Ireland that you prefer playing to the rest?

The Pavillion is the best… by far. There’s such an amazing vibe in there. We love it. We love playing live anyway, so wherever we play we try to enjoy it as much as possible.

On the 14th March you guys are releasing a double A-side single ‘Throne Song’ and ‘Fever Dreams. Is there a full length album on the way to look forward to?

We are just planning to continue writing new songs and recording them and seeing what happens. But we would expect an EP in June.

The Vincent(s) kick off their UK & Irish tour at The Workman’s Club, Dublin on Friday 28th February supporting Crystal Antlers.

By Leon Byrne

Listen to their single ‘Throne Song’!


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