The Whileaways at Whelan’s (Photos and Review)

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the-whileaways-whelans-29The Whileaways celebrated the release of their self-titled debut album with a gig in Whelan’s last Wednesday, May 22nd.

Hailing from Galway,  The Whileaways – consisting of Nicola Joyce, Noriana Kennedy and Noelie McDonnel, formed when Noriana asked Nicola and Noelie to join her on her Australian tour. Apparently the chemistry between the three musicians was so good, that they decided to form a band and write songs for a debut album.

The album was recorded in a finnish cabin somewhere outside Galway, where the band moved their equipment, locked themselves in and got their creative juices flowing. Judging from what we’ve heard last Wednesday, it worked really well. The album is a collection of carefully written songs, each of them with a story behind. Noelie’s guitar play is just brilliant, while Noriana and Nicola’s beautiful voices make the songs more colourful and powerful. On some of the songs Noriana adds a nice touch with her banjos and Nicola brings a second guitar into the mix.

Although a bit quiet, the audience enjoyed every song The Whileways played last Wednesday. Friends and family of the band, as well as some of their fans in Dublin, created a friendly atmosphere in Whelan’s upstairs venue.

Listen to the album and buy it, if you like it, on The Whileways’ website.

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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