The Young Folk at KnockanStockan 2013 – Review and Photos

the-young-folk-knockanstockan-2013-10The Young Folk – KnockanStockan – July 27th, 2013

Fresh-faced from playing a few gigs in Scotland, The Young Folk take the Sun Stage on Saturday evening of KnockanStockan 2013. As their name suggests, the band consider themselves under the folk/country genre and are stamping their way across the Irish music scene while challenging big-name bands like Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes. A few members down, the boys play some of their most well-known songs one of them being the very popular ‘Letters’ as the sun sets across Blessington Lake. The constant beat from the bass drum gives the song a heartbeat and comforting lyrics can’t help but make you think of home and family. ‘Way Home’ was then played, a more upbeat and jaunty tune that had the audience singing back the refrain “I’m on my way home” while jumping to the beat. Some stragglers began to make their way to the Sun Stage from other areas obviously hearing the talent and energy of the boys across the fields. A great set that was a highlight of Saturday night in KnockanStockan 2013, The Young Folk absolutely deserve the praise they’ve been accumulating especially over the last few months and I, for one, hope it continues to grow during 2013 and beyond.

Review by Miriam McGovern

Photos by Tudor Marian

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