This Club at Buck Whaley’s (review & photos)

this-club-buck-whaleys-44Buck Whaley’s, a.k.a Buck’s Townhouse, hosted This Club last Thursday, February 28th.

This was our first gig in Buck’s but hopefully it won’t be our last. Even though it’s not your usual live music venue, the sound is excellent and it can accommodate a decent-sized crowd.

Formed in 2006 under the name of Hoarsebox, This Club plays an upbeat synth driven indie pop. They’ve played on some of the most popular venues in Ireland, as well as big festivals such as Indiependence, Sea Sessions or Castle Palooza.

This Club’s gig in Buck’s was an excellent prelude to the weekend: relaxed, energetic and fun. There was dancing both on the stage and in front of it and the band did a great job keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire set.

Mark Dillon did a great job opening for This Club.


Lucy Ivan

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