Tied to Machines at KnockanStockan 2013 – Review and Photos

tied-to-machines-knockanstockan-2013-3Tied to Machines – KnockanStockan 2013 – July 26th, 2013

As Tied to Machines take the stage in front of a handful of audience members they begin their set in a blaze of light that filled the circus-style Dimestore Tent stage. The band begin to get into the zone and soon enough more and more festival goers start to fill up the tent having heard the tunes from the other fields and the buzz in the air starts to increase. Lights pulsed and ribs trembled in time to the heavy bass rhythm played by both the bassist and drummer and audience members soon were head banging along to the beat. Although the set had begun with a few watchers that seemed shy to come even close to the stage as Tied to Machines got through more of their songs the audience members by the end of the set were up against the barricade and bopping along to the beat. A band’s performance that grew in momentum and energy as they played, by the end the festival goers were in rock punk ecstasy.

Review by Miriam McGovern

Photos by Tudor Marian

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