Train Room – Horizons – Review

Train Room

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A chance meeting in their native Mayo in the summer led Joe Monaghan and Catherine Maguire to form Train Room. Since then they’ve been working on their debut EP Delicate Bones in Joe’s studio in Balla, Co. Mayo. The EP is due out in January and is preceded by the single ‘Horizons’, which will be released on 23 November.

‘Horizons’ certainly whets the appetite for the full EP. The band list The Shins as one of their influences and there is certainly a feel of the American band in the gentle, plaintive picked chords that open the track. Lyrically the song is inspired by escapism and the attitude towards certain social stigmas in society and this is conveyed beautifully by the two voices. Monaghan takes the verses and Maguire takes the choruses, with the juxtaposition of the two voices keeping things interesting until the song explodes into a panoramic climax.

Train Room are currently rehearsing as a five piece and plan to tour in the spring to promote the EP.
Have a listen below to ‘Horizons’.


Mark O'Brien

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