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Travis - Olympia Theatre

Travis - Olympia TheatreTravis at The Olympia Theatre – October 21st, 2013

Travis are welcomed onto the antique stage of The Olympia like they’re  the long lost college buddies of everyone in the theatre. Your college mates, the ones you shared great times with, drank pints with, argued and bantered with. Well that’s what Travis clearly are to lots of people in this venue. There’s an atmosphere of mutual warmth and familiarity between artists and audience.

Opening with “Mother“ from their new album “Where You Stand”, was well received. It’s gentle opening, folky jangly guitars and leading piano asking the very obvious question “Why did we wait so long?“ Healy’s vocal swelling the song into the lesson in life lyrics it becomes. “Happy ever after, dancing with disaster, hold me close and listen to the song. Oh why did we wait so long?“.

The Lust for Lifeish “Selfish Jean” with cheeky keyboards has the crowd dancing very early in the night. Those observing theatre etiquette have to make to do with over enthusiastic swaying in their seats to the whimsical lyrics. The story of a “Selfish Jean”, who breaks hearts and keeps the chocolate biscuits wired to a car alarm. Back to “The Invisible Band“ album for “Pipe Dreams”. A well known sweet guitar based song, “It all boils down to the same old thing, it’s the yin and the yang or a couple of pipe dreams“. A seamlessly blended selection of new and old tracks follow. Healy explains the band’s five year silence telling the story of how is two year old son asked him “where do you live Papa?“. Healy felt it was time for his children and as such the band have spent the last five years watching their children grow. At “Reminder“ Healy reveals that he wrote these hints of wisdom for little Clay. “Finish what’s on your plate, seek the truth, set it free, only love, no regrets“. Intermittent melodic whistling wraps up the advice for life. Don’t be surprised if it turns up on a Vodafone add.

The crowd are practically holding hands for the rest of the set. As “Sing” is performed and sang back at the band, “Writing to Reach You“, and “Turn“ takes everyone back to their college days. There’s a sense of anticipation as the magical, wondersome, beautiful “Flowers in the Window “ chords emerge. Healy gets the group to busk it. I spy a few tears, genuine sentiment at the realisation of a dream for many. Everyone sings it together. Theatre manners are abandoned except for a few moving statues in the boxes. Travis get a standing ovation. Healy instructs everyone to do the pogo dance for the classic “Rain on Me“, urging caution to the seated area in case the ceilings fall in.

Benevolent in their gratitude to the crowd, it feels like this band really don’t know just how good they are. They’ve made people laugh, cry, sing and dance tonight. That’s not bad for a five year comeback gig. Well done Travis! Can we have a few festival appearances next Summer please?

Review by Ciara Sheahan

Photos by David Doyle


Lucy Ivan

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