Trivium at The Academy – Review and Photos


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Trivium - Academy Dublin - Review & PhotosTrivium at The Academy, Dublin
Tuesday, June 17th 2014

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for tonight’s show! The sun is out and the crowd waiting to see Trivium are out and ready for action. From what I’m hearing from those I talk to, tonight is not a night to be missed for any fan. Some people may have waited in that queue for hours on end in the heat, but we’ve all been waiting 6 years in anticipation for this night. Tonight is Trivium’s first show in Ireland since 2008, so I wasn’t shocked to find that the show was completely sold out, and that there were extra tickets sold after that. Anyone that goes to metal shows knows exactly what sold out shows entail. Two words: Chaos. Reigns.

Tonight’s support comes in the form of ‘Psykosis’, a four-piece thrash band hailing from Dublin. These guys are all about keeping it energetic and fun, and that’s exactly what they deliver: fun and energy. With some interesting song themes, (try a zombie mass and a paedophile on the run) they like to keep things original and unique. To add to the fun, giant inflatable beach balls are tossed into the crowd (which were pretty hard to take my eyes off!). With songs like ‘Mutant Mass’ and ‘Driller Killer’, they get the crowd moving and get a good atmosphere going that follows into Trivium’s set. If you like your thrash original, unique and fun, check these guys out! Although they weren’t my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance based on the atmosphere they created.

Psykosis leave the stage and Trivium’s stage props are being put in place. I can definitely say I’ve never seen any stage props in The Academy before, and they look absolutely incredible. Various songs are played in The Academy before the band hit the stage to get everyone pumped, but it isn’t until Iron Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’ plays that the place is hopping; people singing at the top of their lungs to the great Maiden classic. Things calm down, the lights go down and ‘Divinity 1’ from Final Fantasy VII plays, and everyone in the room knows what time it is. Trivium appears on stage and break into ‘Brave This Storm’ off their latest release ‘Vengeance Falls’. From the word go, this crowd is insane: people are throwing themselves all over the place, and pits form almost immediately. Frontman Matt Heafy tells the crowd how he and bassist Paolo Gregoletto are of Irish descent, and from the looks of the energy in this crowd tonight, they’re certainly getting a fantastic welcome home (even if we did chant “Ginger Ginger” at Matt when he told us about the ginger hairs in his beard).

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They play through a very impressive setlist, spanning the majority of their career, including ‘Built to Fall’, ‘Strife’, ‘Throes of Perdition’, ‘A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation’, ‘Through Blood and Dirt and Bone’, ‘Like Light to the Flies’, ‘Anthem (We Are The Fire)’ and ‘Dying in Your Arms’. Matt Heafy is the ring leader of tonight’s performance, and has the crowd bowing to his every demand; If he said jump, we jumped, if he said head bang, we almost snapped our necks! He’s one of strongest and most charismatic front men I’ve ever seen. Someone who also impressed me tonight is Trivium’s new sticks-man, Mat Madiro. Tonight was Mat’s first ever show in Ireland and he killed it. The man is a human metronome who didn’t miss a beat (and if he did, he covered it up very well!). I tip my hat to him, he’s a great drummer with a bright future! They finish their set with one of their greatest hits, ‘Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr’. They leave the stage, but this crowd is far from done, and chant for them to return and play one more song. Trivium return and play an impressive encore of ‘Down From The Sky’ and ‘In Waves’ (with ‘Capsizing the Sea’ introducing ‘In Waves’), which produced some of the craziest pits of the night.

6 years is too long to wait for any band, especially for a band as powerful and incredible as Trivium. They’re one of the most solid live bands I’ve ever seen, and they don’t fail in making tonight’s show one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. Solid instrumentation, amazing vocals, some serious pits and a constant energetic atmosphere; not one dull moment was had! They are definitely a band that give 110% in everything they do, whether they’re recording an album or playing a live show. Let’s hope we won’t be waiting as long as last time for the Floridian-powerhouses to return to our shores, 2020 is much too far away!

Review by Shauna Collins
Photos by Chris Charousset



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