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trivium-academy-dublinTrivium are a band who are no strangers to hard work, and know what it takes to make the music they love. Formed in 2000, Trivium have released 6 albums since then and tour vigorously. With the release of their latest album ‘Vengeance Falls’ in October 2013 and a lot of touring, it’s needless to say that Trivium are a busy bunch. They hit The Academy on June 17th of this year as part of their ‘Vengeance Falls’ tour cycle, a show that is definitely not to be missed. This will be Trivium’s first show in Ireland since they toured their fourth album ‘Shogun’ here back in 2008. I got the opportunity to speak to Trivium’s bassist Paolo Gregoletto on their latest release and touring.

‘Vengeance Falls’ hit Irish shelves in early October of last year, and from speaking to friends and to people online, I’ve had some mixed reactions to the album. Like it or not, Trivium are a band you have to respect for doing exactly what they want to do, and they understand that “not everyone is going to get it”, but they do exactly what they want, and what more can you really ask for?  If they took this direction without wanting to, they’d be known as ‘sell-outs’; so I sincerely tip my hat to them in regards to taking the direction they have. As Paolo puts it, “we do what we do”. ‘Vengeance Falls’ stands out from their previous 5 albums, with it probably being the most melodic album and containing the most clean-vocals we’ve heard from them. Was the writing process any different to before? Did they find any new influences? No. As put by Paolo: “every time you write, you know you’re just writing the riffs that come naturally to you, and your influences come through that”. This is an album straight from the heart and straight from the mind.

When seeing live bands after they’ve released a new album, it can be hard to get into the newer tracks, or it can be totally instant; this exactly how Trivium work their new tracks. Trivium are a band who, according to Paolo, work off “live reactions”, a pretty definitive way to test new waters. You’ve been there: you’re at a gig and band decides to play a completely unheard song. It can either go swimmingly, the whole crowd love the track and everyone has an amazing time, or the black to the white happens: the atmosphere totally dies and no one is having a good time. From what I’ve seen/heard online, Trivium have been quite lucky in regard to this and new tracks often go down pretty well, proving they can pull it off.

The recording of ‘Vengeance Falls’ didn’t take as long as most people would expect: it was a 2 month process with David Draiman (front man of ‘Disturbed’ and ‘Device’) playing the role of producer. To some, this may seem an unlikely pairing, but Draiman has been a long-time fan of the band, and even received a copy of Trivium’s 5th album ‘In Waves’ before its release in 2011, spurring the collaboration of talents. According to Paolo, the band was “very honoured” that Draiman would want to work with them on ‘Vengeance Falls’.  This was Draiman’s first time as a producer of a project that size, and took the role of producer hands on, letting the band record the album in his recording studio located in his home. “He loves making music” Paolo tells me, and it’s clear that Draiman loves every aspect of making music, be it recording, mixing, writing or producing the music.

All their hard work with Draiman has produced a 13-track album they can all be proud of. With the album recorded, the next steps are promotion and touring, the latter being something they’re no strangers to, playing 270 shows in a year supporting their last album ‘In Waves’. The ‘Vengeance Falls’ tour cycle has brought Trivium all across the US and Europe, and even South Africa for the first time, which Paolo tells us is one of the pros of touring as much as they do: seeing the world and doing what they love to do the most. There’s one thing playing shows, but there’s another loving it as much as Paolo does, who says touring and playing countless amounts of shows “doesn’t feel like a job”. But then again, there’s the exhaustion of playing every night, the travel and the different time-zones to deal with (sometimes on a daily basis), and this was definitely a con to touring. As a spectator of gigs, there’s nothing better than a band putting everything they have into their shows. Paolo reminds me though that the show is only “a small part of a day” to the band who are playing, and the fact that they can get up there and give their all is what makes a show for a spectator. This is definitely what all Trivium fans are hoping for when they get here to play in June.

The question on the tip of our tongues: What’s next for the powerhouse that is Trivium? According to Paolo, they’ll be touring until the end of the year, and they may “start thinking about the next record early next year”, something all fans will be absolutely ecstatic to hear. They’re a band who are “always writing”, and take a lot of inspiration from the world around them. Trivium is a band who continuously work hard to bring their fans the music and live shows they deserve. This is a band everyone should keep an eye on in the near future.

‘Vengeance Falls’ is available in stores and online. Tickets for their show in The Academy on June 17th are still on sale, grab them while you can!

By Shauna Collins


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