Turn at Whelan’s (photos)

Turn played their first public gig after their reunion last night at Whelan’s. We couldn’t miss such an opportunity, so we went to see them.

Turn was one of the most promising Irish bands of the late 1990s and early 2000s. They formed in 1998 when Ollie (guitarist/singer), Ian(drummer) and Gavin (bassist) met in a recording studio. Not long after that they signed with Infectious Record  and released their first album. Although they were becoming more and more popular, Infectious Records were not interested in releasing more singles, so they three lads started looking for a new label.  In july 2002 they released new album under Nurture label with great success. Their first single reached top 30 in Ireland in the first week. Bassist Gavin Fox left the band after the 2002 New Year’s eve concert and Turn started looking for a new member. They found Ciaran Kavanagh and released their third album, Turn, in September 2005, under Setanta Records. In December 2005 Gavin rejoined the band for a final Irish tour before their announced break-up. The tour never happened though and the band members started working at their own separate projects.

Less than a month ago, Ollie announced on his Facebook page that the band got together and that they will be playing at this year’s Electric Picnic. Last night, at Whelan’s, the band had a pre-Electric Picnic gig. I don’t know how electric their gig at the festival will be, but last night was full of energy! The main venue at Whelan’s was packed full loyal fans who knew the lyrics to all the songs. The audience absolutely loved their gig and so did we. It’s not hard to understand why they were nominated for The Best Irish Band (they lost to U2).

Someone close to the band told us that it’s unlikely that this is a new beginning for the band, as their break-up wasn’t very friendly. They will perform at Electric Picnic and a few more smaller gigs, but they will definitely won’t release any new material.

Enjoy some fresh photos from their gig at Whelan’s and if you get a chance to see them live, don’t miss it!

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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