TV After Midnight at Whelan’s – Photos and Review


TV After Midnight played an intimate gig at Whelan’s on Tuesday 13th of August.

A crash of cymbals marked the start of TV After Midnight’s set and acted as a precursor to a loudly awesome musical interlude which quietened for the start of the lyrics before swelling back into the powerful rock chorus with heart-pounding bass. This was ‘Out On Your Own’. The guitar became stronger as the song went on and the boys threw in some nice harmonies on the vocals before a really shredding guitar line. There was a great pared back section with just guitar and lyrics before an explosion of sound to finish.
Their second track was ‘Icarus’ with a soft, gentle opening; relaxing and almost comforting before it kicked off with a serious bassline and strong percussion with the lyrics becoming a little more rock-style. One of the best songs of the night – a tune that demanded to be listened to and felt.

By the time they started third track ‘Words’ they had completely transformed the atmosphere and had the audience on their feet and bopping their heads. The bass was like a shot to the centre of the chest and you could feel the drumbeats in the soles of your feet. This was a track with a great build up in the midsection and fantastic racing drums and clashing cymbals.
The next song is set to be their next single. ‘Drowning’ had fantastic opening drums. The bassist’s fingers butterflied over the strings as the band made playing rock music look as easy as though it flowed out of them like carbon dioxide. The abrupt ending left your ears wringing and the blood zinging through your veins.

There was a pause while the lead singer changed guitars before they dove into ’Running Full Circle’. This was an explosive start and maintained incredibly powerful drums throughout. There was a slightly Chillis-esque sound to the vocals at parts of this track. There was a great section with building drums and harmonised vocals ending in a sudden pause before and explosively loud finish.

‘Faith Won’t Falter’ followed this as the penultimate track of the set. Despite a low vocal opening it quickly dove into a danceable old-school guitar riff then fierce drums and on-off focus on the guitar. There were plenty of highs and gentle lulls but it was a hip-shaker throughout!

Their final track, ‘Crazy Hearts’, started in a slightly punky ven before slipping into a mellower tune, slowish and gentler than the rest of the tracks but with a belting chorus that had the merest hint of Fall Out Boy to it.
All in all, TV After Midnight blew the audience away and rattled the building with the power of their music. Their choice of songs made for a fantastic gig and got a great reaction from the crowd. The intimate venue was packed out despite the very limited seating and the band made the most of the great energy. Fantastic show.

Review by Kat Clinch

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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