Twin Terrace at Ones To Watch (photos)

Twin Terrace performed in Whelan’s main venue on Thursday evening. 11 other band performed on Tursday, day 2 of Ones To Watch Festival, presented by Whelan’s

Twin Terrace, Gavin Redmond’s project, released their debut album “Plural” in April 2012.

Before forming Twin Terrace, Gavin was living in Canada. The idea to release an album and start working on his music made him give up his life in Vancouver and start over again in Dublin. After hearing their melodic soft indie tunes we can say “Good thinking, Gav”.

“The decision to make a record took me by surprise. I was after all surviving. I had a job, a place to live. Did I want to abandon these precious footholds and start all over? Could I really return to Dublin to draw on all the favours, big and small, that I would need to make something happen? The idea made me giddy with excitement, kept me awake at night. I listened to Rain Dogs. A lot. I started to work on the songs that would make up Plural, that would lead to this band.”

Our opinion: definitely ones to watch.


Lucy Ivan

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