Two Door Cinema Club at Phoenix Park – Review

two-door-cinema-club-o2-dublin-33Two Door Cinema Club played Dublin’s Phoenix Park on Saturday 13th of July as support to The Killers.

The park, still filling with scantily-clad revellers enjoying the sun, erupted in screams as Two Door Cinema Club’s banner was raised onstage. After a prolonged soundcheck, some synth started up and the crowd went completely mental as the boys took to the stage accompanied with the gentle keyboard and rapid drums of ‘Sleep Alone’. Everyone in the audience was on their feet within minutes of the set starting, jumping at the chorus to flashing lights. When the screaming guitar solo came in towards the end the audience Oh-ed along and practically moshed as the song finished to a roar of appreciation!

The second track was one of their best known tracks ‘Undercover Martyn’ which had the audience keeping rhythm clapping from the outset. The drums at the instrumental interval had even the shyest of audience members stomping their feet and was one of the most dance-able songs of the evening!

Taking a brief breather, the boys said hello and welcome before ploughing straight back into the set with ‘Do You Want It All?’, opening it with gentle cymbals before the bass and guitar kicked off. This track had slightly slower vocals and some nice harmonising at the chorus. The lead singer’s sweet voice was even better live than it is on record.  An overwhelming instrumental solo towards the end had the crowd jumping from the stage to the entrance but it ended with a vocal harmony and no music that was so striking it hushed the buzzing audience!

There was a squeal of guitar as they rolled straight into the guitar line many people would recognise from the Debenhams advert (and many more for being a Two Door Cinema Club song!) ‘This Is The Life’. Between the well-known parts of the chorus and instrumental, the musical line was simplified a bit and showed off the vocals. The sentiment of the song was pretty much spot on-beaming sunshine, beer and music-most of the audience must have been thinking this is the life! The song finished with a guitar solo that would give you chills it was so good.

The next song, ‘Wake Up’, had a head-bobbing rhythm and slowish, drawn out lyrics before the guitar swelled into action to flip things up a notch! From the chorus on, the tempo and energy were way up and it finished off with crazy, space-age sound effects!

Sun’ opened with just vocals and keyboard before a rocky guitar solo and finally the audience joining in the chorus of ‘What would you say, what would you do?’ As the piano tempo carried us along the guitar ratcheted up the energy bit by bit. There was a positively euphoric build of the drums before the chorus melody came back in on instrumental. It finished very abruptly to rapturous applause!

Suddenly, the ah-oh, ah-ah-oh  of one of their classics ‘I Can Talk’ got an incredible reaction, as soon as the music went in the crowd had their hands in the air and dancing in the most frenzied of styles! Another example of building up to a finish-getting all the hands, phones and lighters in the air to play the chorus one last time to the screaming crowd.

They took it down a bit with ‘Next Year’ ‘s quiet keyboard opening while cameras swept the audience and girls waved from atop their boyfriend’s shoulders before the techno-y sound broke into the fray. There was sudden instrumental silence to emphasise the lyrics ‘take me to where you are…’. The words really got inside of you as the music swelled around you.

The next track started off slow, building faster as the crowd clapped faster and faster until, with a roar from the audience, the high-pitched electric guitar notes of ‘Something Good Can Work’ blasted across the open fields. This song got the party atmosphere well and truly into full swing! It put a smile on all the sunlit faces as it ended with ground shaking drums and ear-splitting cheering!  The lead guitarist faced the back of the stage to play the final riffs while the drummer looked like he was going to have a heart attack before reviving himself to play a final flurry of drums!

The next few songs passed in a blur of energy ‘Handshake’, ‘Eat That Up It’s Good For You’ and ‘Someday’ which got the atmosphere completely electrified. They told us that Dublin was like home to them and thanked us emphatically for coming out. They kicked off the grand finale with just the lead singer and guitar playing a little slowly so you could hear the audience singing ‘I can tell just what you want, you don’t want to be alone’. Then the music crashed into action, transforming the crowd into the picture of the perfect concert atmosphere, jumping and dancing and clapping their hands to the music. The song, like most good finale songs, made sure that the energy rocketed right up once again to finish the set on an absolute high. The final strains were covered up by the prolonged applause, shouting and alien sound effects before the boys finally exited, throwing drumsticks to the crowd!

Two Door Cinema Club played an unbelievable set and somehow managed to keep both their energy and the crowd’s up with their quirky tunes. The heat must have made it difficult for the lads up there on the stage but they didn’t show it and they kept the music rolling out with scarcely a pause for breath in the whole set! Electric.

Review by Kat Clinch

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