Ukeristic Congress @ Jack of Diamonds Festival (photos)

Ukeristic Congress is a jolly six-piece band of ukulele players with some other instruments thrown in here and there. They play both their own songs and covers of  some well-known classic tunes from The Beatles to Santana, Kings of Leon, Frank Sinatra and many bands in between. They were founded in 2010 in Dublin.

They had a set on Friday night at Sweeneys (top floor), as part of Jack of Diamonds Festival. We had a great time as their energy and rhythm was contagious enough to make everyone dance and, I have to admit, I never knew how cool a ukulele bass sounds.

The band members: Andrew Robinson, James Quah, Shay Bagnall, Sonny Park, Mick Kenny, Keith White.

Find out more about them on their website and Facebook page. Check out some photos from their set in Sweeneys.

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Lucy Ivan

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