Vann Music at Whelan’s – Review & Photos

Vann Music - Whelan's

Vann Music - Whelan'sVann Music played Whelan’s on November 1st, 2013.

Support: The Dead Heavys

With Halloween over, there was no better way to spend a Friday night than to see Dublin’s very own Vann Music. With a sold out show on the night, we were left eagerly awaiting for the doors to open to the Whelan’s venue at 8pm.

Having been a fan of their music for quite some time, I was expecting a wow performance as most of their songs are very electro and seem to be full of energy.

Vann Music took to the stage at 9:30, lead singer Aaron looked full of life as did the others as they walked out and this seemed to radiate into the crowd to give a little extra life into them. They began their set starting off with “Mirror Door” but as they started to play something seemed to go wrong with what seemed to be their laptop. As a five minute wait turned into a ten minute wait some fans had a slight look of frustration, but Aaron kept updating us about the technical issue and to remain patient and soon after this, we got the thumbs up and the technical issue was fixed. This was soon to disappear from our minds as the night went on as the lads gave one heck of a performance, which included an insane visual performance of lights and strobes.

Opening with “Mirror Door”, bursting with a powerful combination of synths, guitar and drums as Aaron sung with absolute perfection and this continued on throughout the night.

Leading into a plethora of electro poppy songs and as you listen to each track like “Into The Night” “Never Want To Be Alone” and “Life In Real Time”, every single one of them is magnificent with catchy hooks and buzzing with sheer and utter brilliance. The powerful beats and synths pound the venue floor and hits what can only be seen as an incredibly upbeat and lively audience. This results in a superb atmosphere, mostly due to Aaron’s constant interaction with the crowd, in pointing the microphone toward them to get them to sing along and leaving them all cheering and clapping wildly after each song.

A surprise for me on the night was a cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, performed to the highest of standards and I can gladly say they did the song justice. I think the man himself would have been proud.

The quality of songs by Vann Music is without doubt surreal and if they keep up this high standard, they will certainly be going places.  Their future certainly looks bright and, who knows, maybe some time in the near future we may see them performing at the likes of the O2 or the Olympia Theatre.

Vann Music, a band that screamed perfection right up to the very end of their set. A great night of music!

Photos and review by Ian Blount


Lucy Ivan

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