Walking On Cars at The Academy – Review

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walking-on-cars-academy-39Walking On Cars played three gigs in Dublin’s The Academy this weekend.

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We went to see and review their first show on Saturday and came back blown away. The five Dingle natives are going fast towards huge success and nothing can stop them.

Formed in 2011, the band quickly gathered a strong and loyal following. In September this year, Walking On Cars played their biggest show yet, supporting Paramore at The O2. The O2 gig might have been bigger, but this Walking On Cars mini-festival at The Academy this weekend was definitely more intense. The band played two sold out shows on Saturday and Sunday evening, plus an all age matinee show on Sunday.

As the lights in The Academy dimmed, announcing the band’s appearance, the fans started screaming and turning their smartphone cameras on to record the first notes. The stage was tastefully decorated, with twisted strips of white fabric in the background and lightbulbs encased in glass jars.

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The set started with a short instrumental intro, followed by “Tick Tock”, their latest single, released just a few days ago. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to know the lyrics, as they were singing along word by word. “Don’t Mind Me” followed soon after that and the crowd was screaming once again. A few notes from Sorcha’s keyboard were enough for the fans to recognize the tune.

A medley of some songs from Mumford and Sons, The Black Eyed Peas, James Arthur, Bruno Mars and others brought another boost of excitement into the crowd, just when you thought people couldn’t get any more excited.  As the songs went by the band looked more and more comfortable, moving around, dancing and engaging with the audience.

The last song before the encore ended with a few confetti cannons going off. By the time the confetti shower ended, the band were off the stage, but not for long. It was impressive – one of the loudest “one more tune”s I’ve ever witnessed. The energy of the audience would have been enough to bring the band back.

They stepped back, all smiling, as if they just went back to hug and high-five each other for the flawless show. The show ended with, as Patrick said, the song that put them on the map – “Catch Me If You Can”.

Walking On Cars are talented, hard-working and determined… and it’s just the beginning.

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Tudor Marian

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