We Cut Corners – Irish Band Of The Week

We Cut Corners - Irish Band Of The Week

We Cut Corners - Irish Band Of The Week

We Cut Corners are fairly well established throughout the music thanks to their ever-changing sound, switching from first to fifth gear in a nanosecond. Having seen the band over two years ago at Electric Picnic, it’s safe to say they’ve gone from strength to strength on the music scene. Where others would have disbanded and faded away, We Cut Corners are unrelenting in their ambition to bestow their array of musical talents upon everyone and anyone, and, with a sound that ranges from the most simple, delicate songs to an overwhelming passionate cacophony of sound, it’s safe to say they offer something to suit everyone – never lingering too long on one sound or allowing themselves to be pigeonholed. They are delightfully unapologetic in experimenting with their range and style.

The distinctive effervescence of Conall O’Breachains vocals colour their songs with emotion while his bandmate, John Duignan’s vocals have a more sporadic element to them. That’s exactly what this band are all about, bringing two sharply contrasting elements in close contact, forcing them to collide, and create something beautiful. Their current discography is riddled with this tried and tested formula, and while the band may never have an it sound, they certainly have a blueprint styling to their works which is anything but mainstream. Their most recent release, Think Nothing, was a perfect example of melding all this band’s wondrous talents together and creating something full of life that just works. The lyrics found throughout the album further emphasised their talents, the sarcastic undertones mixed with outright wit demonstrated this to not just be two musicians collaborating but two word players. O’Breachain’s distinctively tender vocals add a certain warmth to any song, while Duignan’s more pop-driven vocals jolt the listener back to life.

We Cut Corners recently covered Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Mandika’, acting as an AA to their latest single release, ‘Oh’. To cover a song of such renown and make it your own is one thing but to make it the accompaniment to an original song is even more brave. That’s where the beauty of ‘Oh’ lies, it can stand on its own as a song and has all the energy and wealth of passion found in ‘Mandika’ hence the two work so well together as a pair. The track has an underlying warmth to it, the vocals wrought with an array of emotions that seep into your skin, the band may be called ‘We Cut Corners’ but they don anything but, with this latest musical offering being their most polished and enjoyable to date.

If this is just a snippet of what we can expect off their forthcoming album, The Cadences of Others, then we should all be eagerly anticipating its launch on 4 November with baited breath.

We Cut Corners play The Button Factory on 19 November.


Elaine McDonald

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