We Raise Bears – Irish Band Of The Week

We Raise Bears Irish Band Of The Week

 We Raise Bears Irish Band Of The Week

If you’re still in the throes of a week-long hangover then We Raise Bears may be the remedy you need. The band, comprised of Sharon Murphy and Conor Miley who were studying fine art and music respectively, formed almost a year ago. Perhaps it was the combination of a music degree and a fine art degree, perhaps it was their respective passions for music, or perhaps they just had something different, but as soon as these two formed We Raise Bears, they quickly caught the eye of many music reviewers. Their live performances were praised for their lyrical elegance and their striking arrangements.

To further mark their rising star, the band performed with well-established bands such as We Cut Corners and played a headline gig at the Workman’s Club in Dublin. Their most notable festival appearances were Canalaphonic, Ones to Watch (2015), and Other Voices.

With their debut self-titled EP due to drop in the coming months, the band have already established a very definite sound of their own. It’s almost hard to believe that this will be their debut EP. Miley has a voice like Bill Gates: rich and powerful, and their expansive use of instruments, their varying sound, and stunning lyrics are all the hallmarks of an older band but their unreserved freshness remains palpable throughout their performances. I look forward to seeing how they perform at Hard Working Class Heroes on 1 October.

If you can’t wait until October, then check out their beautiful Roscommon session of ‘A Way Home’:


Elaine McDonald

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