We, The Oceanographers – Irish Band Of The Week

We, The Oceanographers - Irish Band Of The Week

We, The Oceanographers - Irish Band Of The Week

If there was an award for difficult to type band names on Dublin Concerts, We, The Oceanographers would certainly take the title because I literally had to double check my spelling every time I wrote this. However, until such an accolade exists, they’ll have to settle with being the Irish Band of the Week.

The band consists of Conal McIntyre, Joseph Edwards and Sean Bradley – hailing from Dundalk in Co. Louth. Their style is utterly unique, focusing on a more DIY style with a hint of the alternative to their works a striking combination of raw art and passion-filled music. Their strong art music background means their typical venues are cafes and art centres. Think of Andy Warhol mingled with The Velvet Underground. Interestingly, they admit that it was the very likes of New Orders and The Velvet Underground that inspired them to record, embodying a very strong punk ethic throughout their works. The DIY sentiment is a reoccurring theme throughout their music, having produced, mixed, and mastered their entire debut record in their bedroom/studio in Dundalk.

Yet, these humble beginnings were crucial in forming their very calculated but unpolished sound – so much so that in March 2015 they not only released their debut album to 7″ Vinyl but they also began to take on much bigger venues and theatres. Just a few months later, they took on Europe with a string of dates in Sweden, Denmark, The UK and home shows in Ireland. A subsequent vinyl release in December of the same year saw the limited track, ‘Christmas at the International Space Station’ sell out immediately. Admittedly, what some may see as a shortcoming, the lack of a huge producing studio or a team of sound people to mix and perfectly curate the track, became the characteristic backbone of We, The Oceanographers. In fact, it appears that their sound benefits all the more from the lack of interference – the boys were aware of the edgy, lo-fi sound that they wished to achieved and managed to do so perfectly to critical acclaim with little resources.

Since then, the band have had a series of performances throughout Ireland and the UK, as well as playing the ever-prestigious Hard Working Class Heroes. 2017 seems to hold a lot more in store for them, with the promise of a short through USA and Canada is planned for April 2017. Even more impressively, they’ve been selected to represent their hometown of Dundalk at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

However, if you don’t think you’ll be able to make it to Canada to witness them perform in all their rock/punk glory, then keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming Irish dates and check-out their wonderful track ‘The Ocean’.


Elaine McDonald

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