We Were Giants – Dublin Concerts’ Irish band of the Week



There are some people, myself included, who like their music with a little ‘oomph’. Well this week’s Irish Band of the Week gives you just that. We Were Giants have that fist pumping satisfaction that only a heavy bass drum can give you. Sharing my love of FIFA and Tea, (but never both at the same time!) the Dublin based lads are putting the finishing touches to their long awaited debut album.

Blending their Rock styles with hints of metal, indie and punk, WWG’s previous releases, including the very popular Part One, keeps the listener attached to the speakers with each following track. From the super radio-friendly She Said to the superb vocals by Colm O’Loughlin on Acoustic Song, just try to wipe that smile from your face.

But Part One is only the beginning for these guys and the new album is promising to be very special indeed. WWG will Co-headline a big Whelan’s gig at the end of the month (24th July) with The Beau Motives which is not to be missed.

Find out more about We Were Giants on their Facebook page! Listen to “Part One” below.

By Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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