While She Sleeps at The Academy (photos)

While She Sleeps supported Asking Alexandria at their Academy shows on January 14th and 15th.

The band was founded in 2006 in Sheffield, UK by vocalist Jordan ‘The Face’ Widdowson drummer Adam Savage, bassist Aaran Mckenzie and guitarists Mat Welsh and Sean Long. They have released their first mini-album in 2010 and in August 2012 ‘This is The Six’, their first studio album.

Fuelled by a militant DIY punk rock ethic (the band design their own artwork and t-shirts, send their own merch by hand and insisted that only the members of the band performed every last note on the record), while success has been forthcoming at a staggering rate in Britain, Sleeps have already got an eye on world domination. www.wssofficial.com

While She Sleeps will support Asking Alexandria on their recently started European tour in ten countries.

Photos by David Doyle Photography


Lucy Ivan

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