White McKenzie EP launch @ Academy 2 (photos)

White McKenzie have launched their newest single, Heatseeker, at Academy 2 on October 13.

They’re a six piece band formed “on the eve of 2011” in Dublin. Not long after they started playing, the band reached the Grand Final of the Shercock Battle of the Bands for a place to play Glastonbury 2011. At the end of September 2011 the band released “Amazed”, their first album, available for purchase on Amazon. 2012 has been a year of both live shows and studio time that resulted in a new single and a video for it.

Band members: Éamonn Young (guitar), Kieran O’Reilly (vocals), Ian Corr (piano/keys), Ziggy Zdziarski (drums), Ciaran Cusack (guitars) and Neil O’Brien (bass).

White McKenzie have a clean sound with well-arranged instruments, a perfect blend of piano, deep guitar riffs and powerful bass lines. Even though they didn’t list Dream Theater as one of their influencers, I could definitely hear them in their tunes and in Kieran’s voice. Heatseeker is a strong tune, with guitar riffs that stick with you and an interesting mix between powerful, heavy parts and clean pieno solos. The single has a cool video directed by David “Caffo” Caffrey and released on YouTube at the beginning of the month.

The gig at Academy 2 was very well received by the about two hundred people that paid the tickets to see them and their guests We The People and Boy Lights Fire. There was a very good communication between the crowd and the band, the sound was excellent and people were left wanting more. Can’t wait for their next gig! If you want to see them live too, check out this page.

More info about White McKenzie on their website, Facebook page and Twitter account.



Lucy Ivan

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