Wolff – Irish Band Of The Week

Wolff - Irish Band Of The Week

Wolff - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is WOLFF, hailing from a little sea port town in Wexford, the heart of Ireland’s South East. It’s safe to say this is the last place you’d expect gritty, energetically raw rock music would emerge from and yet that’s exactly what WOLFF is all about.

Hauntingly emotive rock music creator and front man, Johnny Stewart has managed to incorporate variants stands of genres into his music, it has the angsty melancholia of blues combined with the fist-pumping, head-banging drive of rock. So how does one come to create such a unified sound from such polar opposites? Stewart admits that the majority of his tracks were created in a poorly lit basement during twilight hours – it was during these moments of eerie peace that he was able to create songs with such energy and passion. It’s a curious moment of reconciliation, thinking about to the ear, these tracks are white-hot with emotion and yet they were created in sublime peace of night. As much of a challenge as it is to create a song fused with blues and rock, it’s even more challenging to create these songs rife with primal reactions under the cover of dark, yet Stewart does it with ease – he’s a natural musician.

WOLFF has already left teeth-marks in the Irish music scene having been featured at major festivals, at home and abroad, including Other Voices, Electric Picnic, Light Colour Sound, Spiegeltent Festival, HWCH, as well as opening for acts like The Strypes, Hozier, Hermitage Green, Otherkin, Augustana, Jamie Lawson & Post Modern Jukebox.  The talent is undeniable, with many critics admitting that the band’s music manages to elegantly combine fire and trashy rock with well-crafted vocals that pack a punch. As one of the songs goes, ‘You can sleep when you’re dead & done’, WOLFF seems likes it’s nowhere near done.

Need a wake-up call on a chilly Monday? We’ve got you covered!


Elaine McDonald

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