Young Wonder – Irish Band of the Week

Young WonderThis week’s Irish Band of the Week is another that takes us out of the overwhelming indie folk comfort zone of the Irish music scene and delves us into a sound we never expected to emanate from our fair isle.

Taking over from The Notas, are incredible electronic pop duo Young Wonder. Few bands have gotten me so truly excited about the prospects of the Irish music scene but this pair, hailing from Cork, rarely leave my iTunes Top Played. Their fan base extends far beyond our humble island with fans already demanding shows in the States and their EP available for sale in Japan.

Ian Ring & Rachel Koeman create music that has a soul, a heart and an energy that’s unrivalled right now. Their latest EP consists of tracks on tracks of flawlessly intertwining layers of instrumentals from Ian, and Rachel provides ethereal and enthralling pitch-shifting vocals that bring it all to life. There’s an ambience and atmosphere highly reminiscent of Purity Ring yet Young Wonder have taken this influence and blended it to make something entirely personal to their style. This is the bona fide electronic sound we’ve been waiting to hear from Ireland, and Young Wonder have claimed the spot and are here to stay.

I’ve personally been itching to see them live, as I’ve heard tales of an energy and synthesis between these two musicians that is really something to behold. Luckily for us, they have a string of festival slots coming up that are not to be missed. A list of these dates can be found on their Facebook page, including Longitude festival.

A limited edition vinyl of their latest EP “Show Your Teeth” is available to buy from July 10th and my, is this a beauty. If you haven’t been sold yet, then you need to check out their song “To You” below.

Article by Laur Ryan


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