Codes at the Workman’s Club – Review and Photos

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codes-workmans-club-10Dublin band Codes headlined a night in the Workman’s Club for 10 Days in Dublin on Friday, July 12th. The energetic indie electronic band played to a good crowd of dedicated followers, many of which will have donated to the fund for the recording of Codes second studio album. The Main Room was nice and cool compared to the searing heat outside. The place filled up quickly if only to get out of the heat and into the air conditioning. Cheered on to the stage the band kicked off with no introductions. First off was “Cities” from their Choice Music Prize nominated album “Trees Dream in Algebra”. Only 3 songs on the night came from the 2009 album.

Codes followed up Cities with 7 songs from the upcoming album. The new songs have a rockier feel than Trees Dream in Algebra. One of the new songs in particular stood out. “Triangulum”, with its fast paced metal sound accompanied by a stomp loop, is a perfect example of the sound coming out from the future release. As the set was coming to a close, they finished the set with 2 of their staple tracks. The penultimate track, and also probably their best known “This is Goodbye”, started off with generous screams from the crowd. Codes finished up the night with their favourite finisher, the anthemic “4 Winters”.

Overall a very enjoyable gig filled with die hard Codes fans. The forthcoming album will be quite an interesting release and could see Codes rise back up the charts once again. You can keep up to date with all things Codes at their site. Support came from Rachael Boyd.


  • Cities
  • Shapeshifter
  • Sleeping thru winter
  • Irya
  • Triangulum,
  • Levitate
  • Velia/Oceans
  • Bleed Blue 1 and 2
  • This is Goodbye
  • 4 Winters

Review by Pat Byrne

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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