Eagles at The O2 Dublin – Review & Photos

Eagles, The O2 Dublin

Eagles, The O2 Dublin

The History of the Eagles – Live In Concert
June 6th 2014, The O2 Dublin

I arrive at the O2, and the place is absolutely buzzing! Being a sold out show, it’s quite a privilege to be here amongst the greatest of the Eagles fans. Seeing the various generations here tonight makes the show interesting before the band had even hit the stage; adults, teenagers and even children flood the O2, dying to see tonight’s stars. People are buying shirts, programmes and other merchandise left, right and centre. People are chatting amongst themselves about what they hope to hear played, and what The Eagles played the last time they hit Irish shores. Based on their phenomenal fan base here and their worldwide success, this is not a night anyone in their right minds would want to miss. So do they live up to their success and hype? Well, let’s see…

The stage is nicely set, making it look as though tonight were an acoustic night: lamp-like lights hang above with some amplifiers and boxes to sit on and a set of acoustic guitars set up behind them. The clock strikes 8 and right on schedule, on come Don Henley and Glenn Frey, sitting themselves on amplifiers and boxes, opening tonight’s show with a mini acoustic set, beginning with ‘Saturday Night’. The crowd is given a brief history on the beginning of the band’s career. The history is told with a huge grin on their faces, almost like they were telling a friend a funny story. Their stories almost welcomed you into their lives, and created a wholesome atmosphere amongst the people watching tonight (and on every other night they play!) It’s comfortable and laid back. This doesn’t last long however, with other members of the band joining the band on stage on cue and the curtain behind being raised to display drums, keyboards and a big screen, as things get louder and much more entertaining. They play through hits such as ‘Witchy Woman’, ‘Tequila Sunrise’ and ‘The Best of My Love’, getting the crowd into the mood. Glenn Frey proclaims to the crowd: “We’re gonna do one more song, take a short break, and come back and play for a really long time” before playing ‘Take It to the Limit’, closing the first half of a pretty impressive show.

The band return to the stage, and just as promised, they played for quite a long time. They play through an impressive list of songs, including ‘Pretty Maids All in a Row’, ‘New Kid in Town’ (a definite highlight for myself), ‘Heartache Tonight’, ‘Those Shoes’ and ‘The Long Run’. The second set also included 2 of Joe Walsh’s songs (‘In The City’ and ‘Life’s Been Good’) and a cover of James Gang’s ‘Funk #49’, adding a different dynamic to the performance. Between songs there was humour, which seemed a little bit rehearsed in my opinion. Nonetheless, humour is a key component in connecting with the crowd. There were people dancing, singing along and in general, having an incredible time. This is a band who don’t just entertain their fans, but build a relationship with them. It’s clear that the Eagles are veterans of performance, and manage to keep the crowd wanting more for hours on end. Tonight’s second set is brought to a close with ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, presenting the loudest sing-a-long of the night, that is until the encores (that’s right, plural). The band leaves the stage, and shortly after, return to play tonight’s first encore, performing ‘Hotel California’, a huge crowd pleaser that had the entire O2 on their feet singing along. They once again leave the stage and return for a second encore of 3 songs: ‘Take It Easy’, Joe Walsh’s ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ and ‘Desperado’.

So to my answer my question at the start: Do they live up to their success and hype? The answer is most definitely yes. The Eagles are a one of the tightest bands I’ve ever seen, not a note off key and every harmony performed with precision. They’re fun and love what they do, and can definitely please a crowd. Tonight was not just a concert; it was a real performance; the acoustic set at the beginning, the history of the band, the humour, and the hits. It is definitely a unique show for any Eagles’ fan. Anyone with a ticket to tonight’s show is certainly in for a treat!

Review by Shauna Collins

Here’s a photo gallery by our photographer Anamaria Meiu


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