Gacy’s Threads at The Academy 2 – Review

Belfast group Gacy’s Threads supported Cancer Bats at the Academy 2 on May 30th.

Hardcore chaos-mongers took no prisoners-diving straight into their set and hitting the audience with a screamo wall of sound. “Lifestruck” had the venue shaking and brought the audience to life. Despite the downstairs venue only having a capacity of 230, the room felt over packed as the music filled every tiny space.

The set was an unrelenting storm of aggressively intense music from “Plague Wielder” to “Unanswered”. The endnotes of tracks were dragged out only to dive head first into the next song with guitar-wrenching, chest-beating, throat-shredding power!

By midway through the set, the band were in a sweat-the drummer was shirtless and the guitarists and singer were throwing themselves about the tiny stage to the heady mix of electrifying guitar and racing percussion that was “Home to Fortune”.

The only breather in the set was a brief introduction and a dedication of a track to main act Cancer Bats. Then it was straight back into “Hollow-Eyed” whose head-banging chorus was so fast you could almost see smoke rising from the guitarists fingers as they flew over the strings.

The concluding track “Black Heart” was the final crashing blow of the tidal wave performance that swept the audience away and almost left you gasping for breath when the sound suddenly stopped! The bass line and percussion had the ground shaking like a power plate at the gym!

Gacy’s Threads are a great example of how scream-rock combines all of the instruments and vocals involved to create a singular, intense, unified sound that fills the whole body of the listener. They have that roaringly-loud style that marks their genre and leaves the audience with ringing ears and a racing heart!

Review by Kat Clinch


Lucy Ivan

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