Loop Culture Interview

Loop Culture Interview

Loop Culture Interview

Ahead of their single launch gig at the Workman’s Club, Loop Culture spoke with us about their debut single, their influences, and more.

How did you start Loop Culture and when?

Nathan started off the band with Andy and Mark towards the end of the Summer of 2011. There was some swapping of members before Ronan and Oisin joined later in the year and Loop Culture was officially formed in November, 2011.

What are the highlights of the band so far?

Playing the Leixlip Festival last summer was definitely one of them. We supported ‘The Riptide Movement’ and ‘Raglans’ which was pretty cool.

Also, hearing our new single on 98FM for the first time last weekend was definitely a highlight.

Who and what are your main influences?

Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Fleetwood Mac, The Libertines, U2 and Kasabian would probably be a few of the main ones that we’d all listen to.

What have you learned since you started Loop Culture?

Probably, that things don’t happen overnight and that it is important to come to compromises with bandmates rather than being too precious about your ideas.

You are going to release your debut single on February 5th. How was the process of making it? What’s the story behind “How Does It Feel”?

We really enjoyed the whole experience. We spent a lot of time in pre-production chopping and changing things in the studio, which is something that we think benefited the song and will come in handy in the future. The song itself was written  about dealing with a situation of disappointment or anguish, the process of confronting it and coming to terms with it. The song is open to interpretation as the situation a person finds themselves can be different but the emotion’s remain the same.

Any other plans for 2015?

We’re hoping to keep up the momentum we’ve been building up lately. Hopefully we’ll keep building up our fanbase and aim to have a busy summer playing gigs and festivals around the country!

What’s your favourite gig/venue you played, and why?

It’d have to be the Workman’s. We’ve had some of our best nights there and that’s why we chose it to launch our single.

Is there a dream venue you’d love to play this year?

We’d like to play the Academy at some stage this year. We’ve been to a few gigs there and it’s a really nice and intimate venue.

Which current bands do you like/listen to?

We’re looking forward to the next Cribs album and obviously Hozier has been a real inspiration for new Irish musicians this year.

What hobbies do you enjoy aside from making music?

A few of us would be pretty big football and rugby fans. Books and movies would be another obvious one too and one of the guys also has an unhealthy obsession with cats.

Loop Culture celebrate the release of ‘How Does It Feel?’ single with a gig at The Workman’s Club on February 5th.


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