Lordi at The Button Factory (Photos and Review)

lordi-button-factory-21Lordi played in Dublin at The Button Factory on Thursday 2 May 2013.

The band started with a bit of delay, building hot suspense among the crowd.

Once on stage, the band started by explaining us it was a miracle if they made it to Dublin that night, after a 20-hour trip on a ferry! But man, it was worth the wait, for the costumes, for their music, for their energy, which combined together made an awesome show!

As early as from the 2nd song, a body was being beheaded on stage, to the satisfaction of the audience! Fists kept flying in the air as Lordi shifted through a setlist of powerful songs like Bringing back the Balls or The Riff.

As you’d expect from a true metal concert, the audience got treated with an awesome guitar and drum solos which got the drums to start spinning. Yep, you read it right: spinning! Lordi surely knows how to hold a Show, with a capital S!

At some point, Mr Lordi got more philosophical, reminding the fans that “each one of you is the best you there can be!” So it’s important to be proud of oneself. And he followed his own advice with the song “I’m the Best”. Mr Lordi even received an oscar during that song for being the best!

If you like bands who know how to fill up the space of a stage, Lordi are experts at this! Mr Lordi & Ox’s costumes are so huge and impressive to start with. “Amen” is a lot more agile, and doesn’t hesitate to run the stage up and down! A stage that boasts some scary skeletons and skulls here and there. Hella’s robotic doll-type moves behind her keyboard are also quite mesmerizing.

As mentioned above, a Lordi concert is not just a concert but a full-fledged show, filled with surprises. Surprise like a random masked guy coming to fool around on stage, being kicked out by the huge Mr Lordi himself.
Other unexpected moments included Mr Lordi holding a sprinkling jigsaw, singing in the coolest reversed-ax microphone you’ve ever seen, or having wings grow on his back, or wearing a mask that could remind you of Daft Punk if you’re also into that type of music.

Coming from the Arctic circle, the guys did admit that they were “sweating their balls off” under their mythological costumes but kept rocking the venue with no less energy.

7 years after winning the Eurovision contest, Lordi still played their now famous “Hard Rock Hallelujah” song, but ensured the crowd didn’t come only for that song. “Do you want some more?” they asked. You can guess what the answer was!

The concert was concluded with everyone flipping their finger to the band for their cathartic song: “Sincerely with love”.

Photos and review by Chris Charousset


Lucy Ivan

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