LYRA – Irish Band Of The Week

LYRA - Irish Band Of The Week

LYRA - Irish Band Of The Week

Ok, so technically this week’s Irish band of the week isn’t a band, but the amazing talents of London based Lyra couldn’t go unnoticed much longer. Her debut EP W.I.L.D was somewhat underrated when initially released in April. However, as soon as she began her live performances, word of her style and haunting vocals began to draw attention to an extremely polished EP. As soon as her track ‘Emerald’ was used on an RTE TV spot, people began to sit-up and take notice of the talent right in front of their faces – even just a few seconds of airplay was enough to highlight the sheet talent and power to her singing. This one woman powerhouse has already received widespread acclaim for her ethereal sounds, vocals that tantalise the ear from the very first note. Think of an Irish version of Florence and the Machine but with a little more punch, thanks to her charming accent.  Even more charmingly, she’s admitted that in spite of being told to work on her accent or ad lib, she’s remained through to her heritage, it’s an integral part of her music that holds firmly on to, regardless.

The singer herself has admitted that her move to London was a daring step but one that has only motivated her to keep pursuing her dreams, admitting that, ‘There are no other Irish artists I know who are out here doing the same thing as me, so being the only one makes me feel a lot stronger. I feel like I can do things the way I want, because I’m not out there comparing myself to anyone else.’ Her determination and steadfastness are not only charming but gives her music even more impact, she’s fully committed herself to a life of song-writing. ‘Emerald’ is a perfect embodiment of all these elements of her journey as an artist, the fear and excitement culminate to create a song wrought with pure energy and emotion – an impressive feat for a fledgling artist.

Lyra will be performing at the Bello bar in Dublin on 12 May but if you can’t wait to be completely spellbound by her, then be sure to check out W.I.L.D.


Elaine McDonald

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