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Miles Kane at The Academy – April 3rd

With an eclectic crowd ranging from late teens to 30 and 40-somethings in suits, it was a total mixed bag at the Academy last night.

Dressed in white jeans and a silky psychedelic blue shirt, Kane strutted onto the stage with his trademark hair cut much shorter than usual for the final show of his tour. Opening with the debut single from his first album, he belted Inhaler out to the crowd. It is clear from watching Kane on stage that he  relishes performing. His presence on stage is very free and  unscripted; posing for photos mid song, going up to different parts of the galleries and catching peoples attention, high five-ing the front row… Miles was extremely engaged with the crowd.

The first thing that I noticed about the band was their exceptionally talented and extremely young drummer… He could not have been out of his teens. He was absolutely fascinating to watch and it was also refreshing to see someone being able to showcase their talents in the percussion section of a band as the drummer usually gets overshadowed.

Although it is quite common for the music to be much louder than the vocals at rock gigs, I really think that it would have been much more effective if we were able to hear Kane a bit more as he is such a talented singer. It was clear from the audiences knowledge of his music that he has a great following over here and during his most recent single Better Than That the whole bottom floor of The Academy became a rippling sea of bodies. It was amazing to see a crowd that was so enthusiastic about the music, the atmosphere was electric.

Towards the end of the show Kane milked his hits and had plenty of back and forth ”repeat after me” interactions with the crowd. During his most well known hit Come Closer a huge mosh pit formed on the bottom floor of The Academy. It’s safe to say I was more than happy watching it from the balcony as they’re not my kind of thing, but Kane didn’t bat an eyelid at it, obviously used to this kind of banter at his gigs. After a fairly slurred final speech and not before calling some members of the audience ”punks” and throwing someone’s shoe off stage, Kane bid adieu to his Dublin audience. With such a charismatic and cheeky stage presence, you can’t help but fall for Kane’s awkward sexy charm. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another two years before he releases some more new solo material because he has most definitely proven himself to be a class act solo artist and not just a member from a band releasing solo material.

Review by Ruth McGovern

Photos by Laur Ryan


Tudor Marian

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