OKO at The Unitarian Church (photos)

oko-unitarian-church-8OKO supported Ana Gog last Friday, March 1st, at The Unitarian Church. Ana Gog released their debut album “Making Trails”.

Led by guitarist Shane Latimer in 2010, OKO is an experimental jazz group with a very interesting approach to music. Since they started playing, the four-piece band performed on Dublin’s most popular stages, as well as at festivals.

Their set at The Unitarian Church last friday was an intriguing experience we’d love to try again. They played two songs, around 20 minutes long each, with improvisations, slow – almost quiet – parts, followed by sudden bursts of energy. OKO used their instruments in unexpected ways that created complex sounds. Percussionist Shane O’Donovan scratched the cymbals with the tip of the drumstick and Shane Latimer used his eight-string guitar as a percussion instrument. They even used a bell at one point.

OKO did a great job opening for Ana Gog and the audience enjoyed their set quietly, absorbing each sound.


Lucy Ivan

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