Ones to Watch at Whelan’s – Day 3 – Review & Photos

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Mojo Gogo

Mojo Gogo

Mojo Gogo are the sort of alternative/rock band that could take any size of stage or audience and absolutely rock out. This was certainly the case on Friday night, when they began their set with a rather small crowd and continued to draw people in with the passionate and lively performances. They are an excitable bunch to say the least and they are not the kind of band that are static for even a second. Their performance of their own track, 4.20, accurately demonstrated their abilities, not only to perform songs but also to write songs. Moreover, their songs Build It Up and Like the Song further showed what an impressive musical catalogue they maintain. Their energy is infectious, and even their performance of Bowie’s Lets Dance was injected with the rock prowess and charm normally attributed to bands like The Strokes and The Clash. To be honest, their style isn’t easily categorised, ranging between electrified indie and drum heavy rock. Furthermore, they have an impressive stage presence in terms of crowd interaction, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as their eager audience, which is something rather refreshing to see in a newly emerging band. Indeed, if all this enthusiasm and song writing is anything to go by, they are most certainly ones to watch.

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Color Sound


Color//Sound are a rather concentrated band, both in their style and performance. Their music is considerably more pared back in comparison to some of their other indie counterparts. With incredibly smooth vocals and a stationary manner, one is allowed to gage the performance as it is, undistracted by smoke or lights. In a vein not dissimilar to Snow Patrol or early Coldplay, this was a band that engaged with their music, even if that meant they appeared more engrossed in their instruments than the audience did. Wolves  has such a melodic and seductive charm that it just draws the ear in. The audience they played to on Friday night was one that was seduced and subdued by the sombre rhythm of the guitar. Their track People is an unbridled mixture of smooth harmonies and the gentle rumblings of guitar. It’s utterly charming and as the song rises with the clash of guitar, the band really demonstrated themselves as excellent artists.

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Race the Flux

Race the Flux are this extremely rare and unusual mixture of electronic and rock. It was something quite new to me and watching it on Friday night was certainly a new experience for me. With their combination of guitar and synth, Race the Flux was able to lure the audience in and place them in a trance. It wasn’t the kind of electro/pop that often alienates or irritates the audience; it just had a completely different and refreshing style to it. Although some of their tracks are without lyrics, their music is controlled by synth and noise and this is undeniably Race the Flux’s way of bringing something new to a music industry flooded with auto-tuned ballads.

Review by Elaine McDonald

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