Orla Gartland – Irish Band of the Week

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orla-gartland-academy-9This week’s “Irish Band of the Week” is long overdue. And I mean years, overdue. An artist that has been on the Irish music scene since her early teenage years and has been demonstrating her vocal and lyric writing prowess in many a track and live gig, this singer songstress would have been our pick of the week years ago, if only it and DublinConcerts.ie had existed then.

Orla Gartland is still only a mere and tender 18 years of age but has shown more potential, skill and musical understanding than most I’ve come across. She is a young rising star and now that she is finally free from the restraints of Ireland’s dreaded Leaving Certificate, you can expect very big things.

Orla has made a name for herself, like so many other singer songwriters, on ye olde faithful Youtube, contributing outstanding covers for our ears since 2009. She has a quirky, captivating voice but it’s in her writing that she really excels. Her original music stirs something in you. It’s undeniable that she has a knack for creating catchy hooks that retain the depth and emotional quality to pull at you. She has a natural understanding of what works and oh boy, does it really work. Songs like “Devil On My Shoulder” and “Piece by Piece” are absolute gems and faces light up here at DublinConcerts.ie whenever a new video pops up on our Youtube feeds.

Gartland kicks off her very first UK & Ireland tour this summer, starting with an already sold out gig in London on July 4th. Luckily for you, July 9th sees her in Cyprus Avenue in Cork and on the 10th, she graces the Unitarian Church stage in Dublin. Tickets for both gigs are still available at Ticketmaster.ie starting from a crazily low €6.50. My advice is to go now, before long you’ll be paying much more to hear this quirky singer-songwriter do her thing.

Check out her song “Piece by Piece”!

Article by Laur Ryan


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