Otherkin at The Workman’s Club – Review and Photos

otherkin-workmans-club-59Otherkin played the Workman’s club as their EP launch party for “Broken English“.

The Irish four piece opened their gig on the cosy downstairs stage with no introduction-just a loud fast musical intro. The opening music was full of slows and swells and induced hypnotic headbanging. After getting the audience’s attention and dragging people in from the bar outside the band said a brief hello before diving straight into “Waypoints” from their debut EP.

This really got the crowd pumped up for the set, cameras and beers waving in the air as they kept going right on into Anotherkin, another track from the album. The bass on this tune had the audience clapping and the ground shaking as the people moved closer together and towards the stage. (Bringing up both the heat and the intensity!). “Lockjaw’s” psychedelic guitar riffs and headbang-able percussion got everyone dancing, the whole audience jumping and clapping at the high point of the song.

The group also played several songs from their just recorded second album, starting midway through the set with “Ego Mud” which was a danceable tune with a rock-y chorus and following it, after a roar filled pause, with “As a High“; whose sing-along chorus had the sea of bodies bobbing along to the passionate vocals.

New track “A Second Time” was a highlight of the set, contrasting between slower sections showing off vocals and more energetic parts highlighting the instrumentals and heavy percussion. One particular drum interval gave way into a cracking instrumental that had everyone dancing-and not in the ironic grandpa style seen elsewhere in the club.

They finished the set with “89” another track from “Broken English”. It was rocky. It was bouncy. The crowd were jumping. The fastest track of the night, it had people up on shoulders and catcalling and cheering throughout. It finished with explosive energy to a chorus of cheers and camera flashes.

I don’t know whether it was the pumped up crowd energy, the shameless flattery of the audience (‘it’s great to see your beautiful faces’) or just the quality music but the combination was heady, overwhelming and a hell of a lot of fun. The gig had a really phenomenal atmosphere and the band were spurred on by it, making the show really brilliant for all involved! A truly top class night of music and fun and a great release for their fantastic album!

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Review by Kat Clinch

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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