Overhead, The Albatross – Irish Band of the Week

Overhead, The Albatros

Overhead, The Albatros

Fresh off of the Dimestore Tent Stage at KnockanStockan, Overhead, The Albatross easily sweep up our top spot of Irish Band of the Week as we mark Dublin Concerts first birthday today!

Part of our “Ones to Watch at KnockanStockan” section, Overhead, The Albatross far and beyond exceeded even our very own high expectations at the festival.

Our very own Miriam McGovern described their gig as “electric” and sang their highest praises, noting that the band were a highlight of an incredibly impressive Irish line-up.

The band, hailing from Dublin are a six-piece instrumental band whose flair for creating intricate and intensely powerful melodies has garnered them much attention on the Irish music scene. Combine that with their unwavering electric and impassioned stage presence and you’ve got a band making quite the mark on the scene.

That’s the thing about Overhead, The Albatross; for an instrumental band, never during their sets does your interest waiver for even a millisecond. They’re utterly captivating. They’ve mastered the build and crash that you can’t help but lose yourself in.

After spending three months in the Czech Republic writing, a debut album is on the horizon and oh my, are we excited. They have a lot to live up to, following their critically acclaimed EPs “Lads with Sticks” and “Mr Dog”, but we have no doubts they’ll go far with this one. To add to their list of talents, they track, mix and master all of their own songs.

Haven’t convinced you that they’re on their way to big things yet? Well, just check them out yourself then, with their track “Flubirds” below.

Article by Laur Ryan


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