Peace to play Whelan’s in July 2013

peaceThe Birmingham band Peace have announced a show in Whelan’s on July 19th, as part of their Irish Tour that includes the following dates:

Tickets for the gig in Whelan’s are priced at €12.50 and go on sale on April 18th at Ticketmaster.

Support for the entire Irish Tour comes from Superfood.

Peace is a four piece band from Birmingham. The first track they impressed the public with was “Bblood”, and was strongly influenced by the lead singer of the band, Harry Koisser, who was discovering dance music. “During 2010 I started staying in Birmingham with a mate who was a house DJ and there was a night called FACE he was a resident at. It was amazing and brand new for me at this time; the first time I’d been to a buzzing, happening night in Birmingham that didn’t involve guitar music. All of these friends were into techno and house which was completely new for me. I really loved the Sunday daytime parties that Below were putting on and it became something that was really influential in our sound. I wrote ‘Bblood’ after going to WetYourSelf at Fabric for the first time – I was like ‘Imagine if you could do this as a band!’. I was really into the shakers and bongos, I wanted to add techno elements to the music we were making, and that’s where ‘Bblood’ came from. I spent 2010 – 2012 clubbing and it’s two years I will never, and don’t want to, get back.”

Peace released their first official single “Follow Baby” in April 2012.


Lucy Ivan

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