RSAG – Rotate EP

R.S.A.GKilkenny multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Hickey, better known under the alias Rarely Seen Above Ground, has recently released his latest piece of work- ‘Rotate’ EP.

Looking likely to rise to the title if his most acclaimed piece, Jeremy’s sound has triggered a new complexity on this release. Opening with the powerful track ‘Open’ (fitting!), the instrumental pounding bassline projects a subtle energy on the vocal whispers throughout the track. Not one of the stronger tracks on the EP for me; it would have had a bigger impact to kickstart the record with a more equipped track such as ‘The Winding Sheet’.

There’s a lot to be said for the consistent energy in this EP. As a fantastically talented instrumentalist, R.S.A.G sincerely makes up for the lack of lyrical content, which a lot of people may feel deprived of on a six track EP. In joining the wide variety of sounds spiralling through each track, ‘Rotate’ executes a real feel-good quality.

Breaking into the familiar already released tracks- ‘Broken State’, ‘Falter’ and ‘The Winding Sheet’, R.S.A.G lays down the foundation for this well-grasped sound. ‘Broken State’ in itself, connects the individual sounds, throwing them into a less raw product, but adding to the complexity of the middle of the record. ‘You Want More’ essentially shines through as the stand out track of this EP with its more prominent electronic feel boosting the atmosphere to top-notch.

Ultimately an amalgamation of hard-hitting instrumentals compacting Jeremy’s raw solo drumming talent at the core, this EP is a real intricate spectrum of tasteful sounds and music.

Review by Wynona Grant


Lucy Ivan

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